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Fulbright U.S. Student Program

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What is the Fulbright U.S. Student Program
Fulbright grants for study or research abroad are awarded on a nationally competitive basis to U.S. citizens who are graduate students or will have earned the bachelor’s degree prior to September of the year for which the grant is being awarded. Over 150 countries worldwide participate in the Fulbright Program with teaching assistantships available in more than 25 countries. These grants generally provide funding for round-trip travel, maintenance for one academic year, health and accident coverage, and full or partial tuition. Though the competition is keen for a limited number of openings, this is a very attractive opportunity for students with a serious interest in advanced study or research overseas.
Country Placement
Fulbright is not limited to any particular country. Gallaudet has had students apply to Israel, China, Jamaica, France, and other countries. To find available awards by country or program, visit the Fulbright website.

Selection Process
Highly competitive, although statistically more difficult in some countries/regions due to popularity. To view statistics by grant type or country, click here. Applicants are expected to already have adequate formal training for their proposed study or research. In part, applicants are selected on the basis of academic and/or professional accomplishment, language preparation, feasibility of the proposed project, and personal qualifications. Other factors that may pertain to an individual’s acceptance are detailed on the Fulbright website.

If you are thinking of applying for a Fulbright scholarship, the internal Gallaudet deadline is September 15. After your materials have been submitted to Gallaudet, the Gallaudet Fulbright Committee will conduct an internal review in late September or early October to determine if they will nominate your application. Once you have received a formal nomination from the Gallaudet Fulbright Committee, you will be able to submit your formal application through the Fulbright website before the formal deadline in early to mid-October. It is recommended that you begin preparing your proposal in the spring before you plan to apply. The Gallaudet University Fulbright Guide to the 2020 Competition is provided to help you through the process. You can also contact the Gallaudet Fulbright Program Advisor at

Important Deadlines for 2020:
Fulbright Advising Sessions:
  • The Office of International Affairs hosts Fulbright advising sessions every spring. The spring information session will be held online on Friday, May 22 and Tuesday, May 26. Click here to sign up for one of the advising sessions.
  • You can make a one-on-one advising session here:
  • Students who complete applications will do an in-person interview with the Gallaudet Fulbright Committee on Friday, September 18, 2020.

I'm Interested. What should I do now?
It can take months to prepare an application for the Fulbright. For this reason, Gallaudet students who are interested in applying for the Fulbright need to create an initial application showing interest. When you fill out this application, staff from Gallaudet's Office of International Affairs will reach out and help you begin the long process of preparing your proposal. Applying here is just the first step in starting the process and the Gallaudet Fulbright Program Advisor will help you complete your application. Eventually you will need to begin and complete an application on the Fulbright website. 

Contact the Gallaudet Fulbright Program Advisor at