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Getting Academic Credit

All students who are applying to go abroad will have to meet with their academic advisor as part of the process. In your application, you will find an opportunity to send an approval request to your academic advisor. Your academic advisor will then confirm that they have spoken with you about your program application and that they agree that the program will fit within your degree plan. It is a student's responsibility to make sure that they can receive credit for a course or an internship taken abroad. It is important to meet with your academic advisor early on in the process (or better, a year in advance) and find space in your degree plan for the credits you wish to take abroad. For example, if you have not yet used your elective credits, you can use courses taken outside Gallaudet as these credits. If you are applying to do an internship abroad, you need to work with your advisor to understand which course you will register for.

The Office of the Registrar provides a special form for eligible students who request participation in a study abroad program and have their courses authorized. Remember that transfer credit is not the same as resident credit. Resident credit also will allow the course grades officially submitted to be on record and calculated into term GPA and Cumulative GPA. However, the fees associated with registering for transfer credit versus resident credit may vary, depending on which abroad program is chosen. Please be sure to consult with your academic department to determine what will benefit you the most.

For registration information from the Office of the Registrar, visit the Consortium Programs site.