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Requirements for Participation in Education Abroad Programs

In order to be eligible for participation in education abroad at Gallaudet University, students shall meet eligibility requirements of the University and specific admission requirements of any study abroad programs to which they apply. Education abroad includes all student travel that receives funding or credit from Gallaudet, including faculty-led study abroad programs, approved third-party programs, individual international internships, and research abroad projects.
Students should ensure they meet eligibility requirements before starting an application to participate in education abroad, including:

Undergraduate students participating in Semester/Full-year Programs must have:
  • a 2.75 Cumulative GPA for semester/full-year programs; 
  • completed 45 total credits (these do not need to have been completed at Gallaudet) to participate in a semester or full year program;
  • completed at least one semester at Gallaudet to participate in any program; and
  • received approval from their academic advisor. 

Undergraduate students participating in Summer Programs must have:
  • a 2.5 Cumulative GPA;
  • completed at least one semester at Gallaudet; and
  • received approval from their academic advisor. 

Graduate students participating in Semester/Full-Year or Summer Program must have:
  • a 3.0 Cumulative GPA;
  • completed at least one semester at Gallaudet; and
  • received approval from their program director.

Students must be cleared by the Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices (SARP) to participate in an Education Abroad program. After applying, students' names will be sent to SARP for approval.

Students must clear all financial holds on their account at least two months prior to their program start date. 

Participation in an Education Abroad program may be subject to behavior, health, and safety considerations, including any country-specific requirements for entry.

If a student is accepted to an Education Abroad program but is subsequently unable to participate due to failure to timely clear financial holds or not meeting other required criteria, or for other reasons, it will result in the student’s withdrawal from the program. 

Stipulations of the specific education abroad program:
In addition to meeting a specific GPA, some programs may require prior language study, or background in specific subject areas. Keep in mind that some programs are managed by outside organizations and may have higher GPA requirements and other criteria. 

Check the program's brochure page to find out the program specific additional requirements.*** 

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Students who do not meet the stated requirements for their program should not begin an application to an Education Abroad program without meeting with the Manager of Education Abroad and International Fellowships.