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Why go abroad?

Danilo and Larry Go Global Fai

The benefits of going abroad during your academic career are endless and will only further enrich your experience at Gallaudet University. In an increasingly globalized world, experience abroad can not only add to your experience here at Gallaudet, but also help you stand out when applying for jobs. You can show future employers that you can thrive in a global and multicultural environment.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Near down the stairs at Marketplace,
two men are standing, smiling directly. They are posing to the
banner held up that says, “GO GLOBAL FAIR”.]

Going abroad isn't just for foreign language or international studies majors -- it's for everyone from any background and on any academic or career path. When you're abroad, you can increase your:

Darriyan Thomas Internship Abr

Language skills
Life skills
Hands-on learning
Intercultural competence
International networking
Leadership skills
Global awareness

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Under shaded wooden building surrounded 
by trees during a sunny day. There are ten people sitting together, 
smiling for the photo. Behind the crowd, there is a wooden in handwritten 
text,"El Cafe-tala par". Darriyan, a female student of color, is on the far right.
She is holding a latched purse, light blue shirt and jeans.]

Chrissie and Sophie